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Changing appearance of Heroes

Lately, I always think about this, why do Heroes' appearances not change after they evolve.

When Heroes evolve, only the star under their feet changes (I'm not mentioning Heroes' status), and I think it's boring.

It will be better if you can add Heroes' developing appearance. For example, one star Hero - the baby, two star Hero - the teenage, three star - the grow up, four star - the middle, and five star - the wise.

My artistic skill is zero, so I use Pixar's sketches of Carl as replacement.


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Hi Leny,

I've always loved this idea as well. They should get cooler and more advanced looking as they evolve. It was definitely considered in our early concepts and ideas, but eventually determined to be put on hold. If lots of players start asking for it, or we get a lot of votes, it can surely be considered again. Thank you!


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I can't believe this. You did a lot of things that make players disappointed and stayed away the best idea ever. Good job...

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