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Mystical Forest outfit suggestions

Hi, I help admin a small fan page on facebook.  We ran a contest for some new looks for the new Avatar world theme Mystical Forest.  The first one was the winner, followed by two honorable mentions!  Hope you like our ideas. :)

(35.4 KB)

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Even if you don't use these ideas, please, please create some new outfits for Mystic Forest.  I don't think there are many people that realize this theme is from the movie Avatar.

looks like my first try didn't work, this was our winner 

I was very happy when the new theme Mystic Forest came. But PLZ! do something about the suggested styles. Its totally ridiculous to see avant garde and ballroom gowns in global top 10.

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@Susan That look could also work under the Tribal would also fit Mayan, African, etc.

@Liva Agreed 100%

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I would like to see some variety in the Top 10. Really getting tired of seeing the same outfits/combos in Top 10. Get creative and wear what you feel is a good fit not what others say is a good fit. That in itself will ruin a pleasant gaming experience. Pretty much goes for all the categories especially the Cosplay one.

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@Topaz Blu Agreed! Individuality should be rewarded - not punished.

Designer Camilla Frank did  an entire Fashion show influenced by the movie avatar! 

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