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Loving PokieLand

Hi :) 
EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. The game is smooth, the animations very cute, loved the gifts on the floor . Found the pet very cute when it watches television :) However the most amazing are the interactions with Neighbors. I visited Mayor;s house and well I loved just about every interaction be it playing with the ball, telling a joke, Tickle , Console or Hi five . Very very nice. Its a lovely game and I am enjoying playing it.



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Your pockie is sooooo sweet! I guess that is why her name is Sweety! Rebecca is on a short break but I'm sure she will appreciate your comments. Thank you Upasna!


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Awww Thank U so much Emily <3 and Sweety says Thank u too :* 

Cant wait for Rebecca to come  :) 

Upasna your Pockie is a cutie pie that's for sure! She looks very stylish, too.

We're so very glad that you enjoy the game! The interactions are one of my favourite things in the game as well. And I can say that more interactions will be available, soon! 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments on the game, Upasna <3

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Oh that's great news, Thank u for the info that new interactions will be added <3 Glad u liked Sweetie <3 she thanks u too <3 <3 

Hugs Rebecca <3 

I agree I love it

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i totally agree with all that upasna has wrote, pockieland is my fave gamegos game to date lol, its just too cute. kids and adults alike are going to love this game [and im just a big kid lol]

i love the fun factory, basketball being my fave. fruit frenzy  lol i can never catch the mushrooms..i guess more practice is needed :)

i love the boxing thingy ..animations are brilliant 

looking forward to the new test release, 


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Thanks Jace! It means a lot, really. We're so very glad that you're enjoying Pockieland! A new test version will be available realllyyy soon and it will have a quite amazing new feature! It's about skills *hint hint* 

So stay tuned!

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lol you teaser you  !  :)

look forward to it xx

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My max energy level is 30, how do you increase that?
Eu nao estou recebendo mais missoes e estou jogando com 60 de energia oq aconteceu

Hi Josilene!

We don't have any more quests after level 50,so that might be the case. We are going to add more though.
Also, the energy limit is currently 60.
Please send a ticket here if you have any more questions:

Hi Jess! 

You can't increase your energy limit. 

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