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Less Quest Tasks for Tiara Points

I realize there are only so many things the devs can do to keep Marco's quest fun and challenging for all players, but when almost every part has 10+ Tiara points you have to earn, it makes it nearly impossible for new players, and players that can only enter one fashcup a day.  

Having only one part that needs Tiara points, or limiting to a max of 20-25.  This last Marco quest needed 37 TPs all total.

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I don't mind Tiara Point tasks as long as they stay within a doable minimum: like 10 total so we're not stuck on a single section for a long time. Really thought I had the current mission in the bag till I got to the send mystery gifts to friends part; gifts were sent but it seems they would only be counted if the friend accents and returns the favor.

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Hi, I play once daily...I know its hard to earn fifteen tiaras so as to move onto another level. So if 10 tiaras can be given in the quest per step, that would be alright. I also tried to download the new Fashion Cup app but even though I updated google on my Android smart phone it is still unavailable in my country. Why can't I get the game to download in my country? Thanks for a timely response. Adel Adams. 


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