Updates - Google Play Store Turkey Release 02.08.2016

Hey everyone! 

Here are the notes to our latest update:

* Added Achievements.

* Added Achievements building.

* Added Skills category to the decoration panel.

* Removed subcategories of Fun category in the decoration panel.

* Changed need icons.

* Added close button to the decoration panel.

* Changed Quest pop up's back button.

* Optimized the character.

* Changed the main menu UI.

* Removed the "+" button from the Level bar at the Town Center.

* Added new Piano Tiles visuals to the Fun Center, Skills pop up, Skills pop up how to.

* Added Buy Energy pop up when energy is not enough to fix a broken item.

* Changed the Skill and Need power of items from bars to stars.

* Added remove button and price tag on the items that are currently in the room but not yet purchased.

* Added the new mayor.

* Added "Pockie is busy!" tween when pockie is doing something and the player taps on another item.

* Added delay for item finger snap in decoration mode.

* Changed notification icon.

* After a new item is bought or decoration mode is closed, decoration panel opens up again.

* Skill bar and level bars show only the current level.

* Removed a tutorial image in the Basketball game.

* Removed unnecessary permissions we ask Android users.


* Fixed the Dress up background fitting problem in some devices.

* Fixed the issue where the game freezes when pressed quit right after restart in Piano Tiles.

* When adding skill points the icon on the right side is missing.

* After using a need potion on the mini games enter screen and returning home the potion stays in the character's hand.

* Add Friend button text is sometimes missing.

* No need check before using a skill item.

* Need arrows show up on every need simultaneously.

* Golden pepper doesn't give bonus points in Fruit Cutter.

* Container attachment items intersect and can be saved in that position.