Updates - 8/8/16

Hi everyone! We've just made some changes in the game for more enjoyable gameplay. Here they are:

  • Price of 7 cards at the end of the level was set to 7 diamonds.
  • Undo price rose from 500 to 1000.
  • Boosters and Power-ups became cheaper.
  • Coins became cheaper.
  • Daily Egg rewards increased.
  • Bulk purchases of lives became cheaper.
  • Gate price decreased from 6 to 3.
  • 1 week unlimited life offer was removed.
  • Bug fixes
Have fun!

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Its 2018 and still no new levels. What happened? Love the game but this is ridiculous.

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Is there coming more levels after 860??I love this game.

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Is more levels 860 we need more I love this game please more levels now

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I deleted game. Never play it again. Or any of games they make.
Doesnt matter if approved. It will be on facebook

I am waiting for the update on this game.. after 860..i really like this game..Please do the updates...

It is 2019 and still no update!! Get it together y'all!!!
You haven’t added more levels I’m at 860 it’s been that way for over a year when are you going to add more levels
I’m at level 860 it’s been over a year I love the game you need to add more levels it says it’s goung to add new levels at a later date what’s up with that I see you have a lot of complaints but no action has been done very disappointed

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Pour moi c'est pareil je suis bloqué depuis de nombreux mois au niveau 860; après il n'y a plus rien;ils se fichent de nous ou quoi surtout en cette période de confinement ils auraient pu libérer les niveaux depuis très longtemps.

I come back to you making the effort to translate into your language the concern I encounter in the game SOLITAIRE STORY Tri-Peaks by GAMEGOS; I love this game and right now I am asking for help everywhere in order to get the levels that come after 860 which are not accessible to me whereas a good number of my friends have passed for a very long time and it is a shame because I love this game and in your last answer you told me that all the levels were doable but for that I am completely OK but then what you did not understand is that I did no more games after 860 or tell me if it's a story of stars that you have to accumulate as much as it is true I don't have all three at each level.

I hope this time you can help me because it's been too long that I wait for a serious helping hand.

I thank the whole GAMEGOS team for this wonderful and best card game; have a good day.

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