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~ Ideas for fashion cup ~

Here are a few ideas i hope can be added to this Fashion cup... Can you please add an option where we can add other players on the game and also chat with other players in the game. And instead of waiting hours for events to finish can we have an option where we can finish the events more faster. And also can we have our own rooms to decorate and let other fashion cup players visit, and let us gift clothes or hairstyles to friends... And it would be nice if we can get to choose our own user names. ☺

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I have a few ideas. I think there is a lot of voting to get a chest. Once we get the chest, we get oops you won that before way too many times. I say, either reduce the oops you already won this or to make the voting times lower.

Thanks so much for reducing the voting. I am really happy, and I know it will make myself and others want to vote more. The game is getting better with every update. Thanks for all you do :)

I would like to suggest a couple things, first would be a "are you sure" button when purchasing things with diamonds. This past weekend I purchased 120 diamonds two times and each time accidentally bought a pair of shoes that I did NOT want, wasted 69 diamonds each time. I am not going to purchase diamonds any more until this is fixed because twice in two days it happened. 

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