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Can you remove gift limitations?

I have been enjoying adding new Marketland friends, but I have run into a problem.  

Everyday, I have an error message when I try to help my friends game requests.  The message reads "Accept Limit Exceeded.  Please try again later."

This is occuring daily now, and it's a downer.  I hate to disappoint my new game friends, but because of this, I am reluctant to add more friends.

Please see if there is something that can be done, so we do not have this gift request limitation.  I think it would make this aspect of the game more enjoyable, and would result in encouraging more game friends for everyone.

Thank you.

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So very true. No other game has such limitations. Please remove the limitations.

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Yes....I agree with Karen. The restrictions holding players back from sending gifts has no reason to be in place. Some of us add 1000's of friends to our account for the purpose of gaming. If we want to send 400 gifts to players....then let us. If we want to sent 1000 gifts to players....then let us. Please lift this limitation. Thank you, 

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yes PLEASE. and i wish we could help our neighbors every 12 hours instead of every 20 hours.tia.

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I agree

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Very discouraging to see this day in a day out.  Cannot help neighbors.  Please help us continue to play our game. 


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I agree this is getting old that i can not help all my neighbors


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I agree with this suggestion

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Marketland is my favorite game.  I agree with all above to remove Limit exceeded.  I want to add more friends to but why add friends if you can t help them??

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I agree with Karen too if you can not help all friends and neighbors in the game it really frustrates me I like to help every one I can and putting a limit on it is just wrong and discouraging

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also, 2 days in a row, Marketland game has only let me visit 149 of my neighbors,but claims i have visited all 150 of them. please explain.

Please remove the limitations. It does make it hard to help everyone. It's not fair, especially when like many people you start at the highest level person and work your way down, thus leaving many lower level players without anything.


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The game limitations make it hard for me to help my international friends, because I almost always get to my maximum limit within the first play session after game reset.

This is very disappointing, and discourages me from adding new friends.

Please remove the limits on game requests.

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Having experienced the same problem as Karen with the message "Accept Limit Exceeded", i agree that the limit should be lifted in order for us to continue to play our game :)

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I totally agree! This limit is highly annoying! :(

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