Updates - Google Play Store Release 29.08.2016 Indonesia, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong

Hey everyone! 

With this release, the game is now available on Google Play Store! 

Here is the list of all the changes and improvements!


* Added Switch and Merge.

* Changed Skills pop up.

* Added new floor tiles and wallpapers.

* Added Friends button to the Town Center.

* Added new Skills structure.

* Added skill item cooldown and speed up structures.

* Added new skill item use structure.

* Added loading screen after first Facebook connection.

* Added Skill and Need item indicators.

* Removed Skill item stars on the decoration panel.

* Changed additional data pop up at the beginning of the game.

* Added skill items to the default room and the second room.

* Hid the UI that creates problems when used in the decoration mode.

* Added new items, wallpapers and floor tiles to all the upcoming rooms.

* Updated item drops.

* Updated need usage.

* Default items in the default room are added to the Home Value.

* Default room and the new skill items in the upcoming rooms are added to the total item limit.

* Blocked multiple sessions.




* Fixed the issue where you were able to break the items in your friend's house.

* Fixed the issue where there game freezes upon reset in Dress up screen.

* Fixed the issue where the character gets double ears, eyes and nose.

* Fixed the texture issues with Elegant moustache and Lightning hair.

* Fixed the issue where game would open with an empty room.

* Fixed the issue with the energy full notification coming up in the game.

* Fixed the issue where game would end if there is no tile under the pause button and you try to pause the game.