Updates - Google Play Store Release 09.09.2016

Hey everyone! 

Here are the notes to our latest update:


* Items at a friend's house no longer gives drops.

* Added Home Value visual effect to once a DIY item is built.

* Added in game restart when additional data pop up comes up.


* Fixed the issue where DIY skill item would hang in the air once attached from the container.

* Fixed the issue when speed up button is used and there is not enough gem it would say pockie is busy instead of opening the Bank pop up.

* When attempting to fix a broken skill item without enough energy and drinking the energy drink from the Get Energy pop up, the item would get a coin indicator on top.

* Fixed the issue where it was possible to put another item on a DIY item before it was built.

* Fixed the issue where pressing the Stay button on the Leave the Game pop up blocked scrolling.

* Coin and gem initial values would come 0 for some players.

* Fixed the issue when using a skill item if energy becomes insufficient durability would decrease.

* Fixed the issue with multiple eyes, ears, hair, facial hair.

* Fixed the issue with friends not showing up on pop up after Facebook connection.