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new test release version 0.9.2-100

hi guys 

ive been testing the new version and all is fine on my end ,no loading issues.

i love pockies new animated expressions, although he no longer taps on the screen to get your attention :( 

lol i always loved that one. is there any plans on bringing that back [pls say yes] :) 

when visiting ive tried clicking on my friends/mayors chairs/sofa's but pockie refuses to sit or watch tv lol

is that meant to be?

the 'console' action is the cutest lol that one is my fave

the added games [basketball icon] feature to boost up skill points is a great idea, same with the music/ guitar [record icon] 

i love the gardens, although i did love the original stone 'patio' and the furniture 

and i still think that pockie should have lots of bubbles when hes in the bath lol

for me using the 'shop' / 'inventory' tabs and maneuvering around there is alot easier /smooth than it has been in previous versions . that may just have been my phone acting up at the time.

i am so glad that you have kept in the 'anime hearts'  pockies eyes , theyve always been my fave :)

Atm im saving up for pockies pyjama's ..and then after i reach level 12 i can get his fireman outfit

in the map , i like the new achievements /rewards 

im looking forward to seeing  the farm and cinema unlocked :)

in the town centre will there be any plans for pockie to interact with the characters such as the hot dog man and the girl sat at the bus stop reading the newspaper? 

im sure there was something else ive forgotten to mention lol but ill leave it here for now


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Hi Jace! Thanks for your comments and suggestions! I'll do my best to answer all of them. 

First of all, the tapping on the window is still there! You just need to wait to see it, and the chances are pretty random so just wait without doing anything you'll see your pockie knocking on the screen!

The reason you can't use a specific item must be that it's directly behind your friend. We created a "safe zone" there, in which you can't interact with normally interactable items. That is to prevent two characters get stuck doing an interaction. We're planning to get rid of it in the future, though.

I don't think I get what you mean by the original patio? Can you maybe give me some more hints as to what it is?

Bubbles in the bath is quite a complicated business:D But we'll look into that once we finish the important features first. I can't promise anything, but I want to see those bubbles as much as you do!

We are constantly making performance improvements so the game runs smooth on as many devices as possible. I'm sure that's because of those, and I'm glad you see the difference!

Yes, we're thinking of making the Town Center characters interactable in the future, but again, I can't say when...

I'm glad you like the skills! Can you tell us more about your impressions about the new skill structure, skill items, etc?

And did you notice that now the next rooms are all different from each other? And the come with a couple of new furniture? What do you think about that?

Thanks again for testing and commenting. Your ideas mean a lot!

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