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Please Fix my problem

When I lifted star hero to the Thamnah Star game restart and then does not want to save anything, which I do fight or assembled crops or anything please help

I cannot play.plz help

 Correct word Thamnah Star

Eight Star

this has happened before! Right before a marco..........get it together! Drove me crazy with cookie cleaning...well.........the dust don't work, menues don't return & people are spinning! Developer issue, not mine. Other games are working. I like the game. I suggest you get developers off the ink & on the game! :) God bless YOU!

Why can't you people get your "own" code? Really? Not my job! I just play the game! Or I would take your damn "job"! :)

:) Wow, not good when the developers need "help"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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