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Cheaters in Fashland

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the Gamegos team for great games like Fashland and Caféland.

I really enjoy playing them!

But (and sorry if I do it publicy but there's no email address or way to contact you directly) you should look for cheaters. I spent real money on your games and it's not fair on me (or anyone like me who likes to play fair) to see that other players have got everything, and when I say everything I really mean it (every shade of hair color; every diamond dress you could possibly buy; every freaking accessory). I already have a bunch of people in my contacts who are clearly cheating... If I know it, how come you don't? How is it possible that someone has 9999 diamonds without spending a penny? Double check guys. That's all I'm saying. Because if that's how you do it, then I'm gonna do the same (what's the point for me to spend real money for 30 diamonds when I can have 9999 for free, right?)

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Yeah and while we are spending real money, why is it always oops and refresh browser. Pay to play should have no delays

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 cheating doesn't make you a FashQueen, once you get a lot of diamonds by cheating or buying it with real money we could think now we're gonna win all the contests! well let me say no matter how many products unlocked with diamonds and keys because best results are for those who use the MiniGame products (bingos & Slots) :( 

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Who can blame the hackers?

Because suppose you really love Fashland and you can't
afford to spare the extra cash to play; even the concept
to most people paying real money to pay sounds like
a totally rip off if you mention that to people who have
real lives outside of Facebook.

The ways to earn diamonds are unreasonable.
If you ask the hackers they'll retort saying;
"Why should I have to pay real money for game
diamonds? I work my ass off 24/7 and I just want
to relax and have a game to play."

Cheating or playing by terms of service doesn't promise
you'll make it 1st place; because Gamegos is picky who
gets to be the 1'st runner up.


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unhappy people u are

Does Gamegos sanction Fashland Hackers! It came to attention that many player are aquiring 9999 diamonds free. Why is this permitted when the rest of us are paying and Playing the game legitmately!! please respond Gamegos Thank You

Some actually earn this many diamonds via a legit means. There are some third party sites that reward participants with FB game credits after a series of tasks are completed. These means and links can be spotted throughout various FB games and some times the posters are posing as the characters from the game itself. Besides what some of the commenters are saying is true; only mini games and seasonal quest outfits place majority of the time in FashCup which is irritating in itself.

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How do I earn Diamonds? 

You can earn Diamonds by winning a place in the Global Top 10 of the Fash Cup or by increasing your Tiara Level. The only other way to get Diamonds is Nathan Fillion Richard Castle Jacket to purchase them using real money or by completing offers through third-party services (not available in every.

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