Updates - Google Play Store Release 05.10.2016


* 140 new quests (TR-EN until level 50)

* Added new relationship structure.

* Added Relationship UI .

* Added new need structure.

* Added new need item interaction bar.

* Changed existing need item animations to a start - idl e- action - finish structure.

* Added 20 new relationship animations.

* Changed in game additional data pop up.

* If an item is in another room and thus exceeds the item limit, now it is shown on the decoration panel.

* Blocked line break feature while naming the character.

* Restricted relationship with the Mayor and other NPCs. Only 3 interactions are available with the mayor and no friendship type.

* Changed add friend box on Friends pop up.

* When pressed Buy to buy a skill item from Skill pop up, the decoration panel opens up Skills category instead of the item's category.

* Added TR translations for USE buttons on Merge pop up.

* Added French.

* Now it's written next to the items how many of them are in the storage.

* Changed the Visit button and daily reward pop up on Friends pop up.


* Fixed the issue where some items' thumbnails would intersect in the background of decoration panel.

* Fixed the issue where category icons would interact in the decoration panel.

* Fixed the issue of ice pepper's glow being too big in fruit cutter mini game.

* Fixed the issue where if you pressed GO button on Level up pop up and opened a category except for Garden and added an item to the room, and opened the decoration panel again and chose ALL option for that category the ALL category would come empty.

* Fixed the issue with items being red after using.

* Fixed the issue with broken state of the items being fixed right after going to Style Shop.

* Fixed energy pop up not opening when Energy is 0 when a skill item is trying to be used.

* Fixed the clock icon on Basketball mini game.

* Fixed data manager crashing while trying to log in to Facebook at the beginning of the game.

* Fixed the issue with keys being spent to unlockrooms but rooms are not unlocked.

* Fixed the issues with character name save.

* Fixed the issue with mastery progress bar not being filled.

* Fixed the issue with payment issues after restart.

Known Issues:

* Modern Black Oven thumbnail and textures are different.