Updates - Google Play Store Release 5.12.2016

Version 11.1.159 (05.12.2016)




* Added 5 celebrities.

* Added basic tutorial.

* Added new idle animations.

* Added gifting feature.

* Added rate us feature.

* Added Portuguese.

* Added German.

* Added Italian.

* Added a vast majority of the sounds.

* Added new actions for some animations.

* Improved some animations.

* Changed remove friend pop up.

* Removed "acquaintance" status for the mayor.

* Added file size to the preloader.

* Added effects to the use button for need and skill items.

* Improved need low state walking.

* Added merge warning pop up.

* Changed quest task count design on Quests pop up.

* Added pencil on name change screens.

* Changed town center passport designs.

* Added quotes to the characters at the Town Center.

* Changed sell pop up fonts.

* Changed drop name colours.

* Added app version to player data.

* Changed the text fields and fonts on the skill pop up extra info pop up.

* Listed room names alphabetically.

* Edited some wallpapers.

* Changed keys that are required to unlock a room to deeds.


Fixed a minor bug on the last task of Dress to Impress quests. If the glasses were bought before the task, wearing them from the closet wouldn't count.

Fixed the issue when the level up pop up opened at home and it unlocked a dress, Go wouldn't do anything.

Fixed the issue of writing -0 energy when a potion is used.