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Clothes of the minigames and Marco's quests

I think we need the opportunity to get the clothes again. Maybe we can buy them with diamonds, but is important to have the opportunity to get them, because some of us lost some of the clothes, and we need the opportunity, maybe paying with diamonds or another way. I'm happy because you put in the shop the Mrs.Claus dress, it was free when it was in the quest, but now we can get it for diamonds at least. I lost some quests and when I will into in the fash cup I'm in disadvantage in some themes and I can't do anything because I don't have the opportunity to get those things. I think we should have the option to buy the minigame clothes and seasonal clothes too.

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YES we need clothes to select from.  We used to receive new clothes frequently.  Now we Only receive one or two outfits every two weeks via. Marcos conquest or Bingo.  One or two ensembles  every two weeks ?? totally insufficient.  I have a very large fashland group and many of the members are starting to leave the game....remember part of the fun of fashland is shopping for new clothes...women Love to shop. If diamonds are required for a purchase thats not a problem for me or many of my members.

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