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Marco Quests Needs Something Different

Or at least a new approach. So far from the start of my gameplay to present, all the Marco Quests have rewarded outfit sets that usually include an outfit that is either 1 or 2 pieces, various accessories/props and shoes. Not only that but as of late, there have been tasks surfacing that slows progress in completing the tasks on time.

How about something different? Fashions are nice but there are quite of few of us that are in dire need of other items that help make our avatars more unique. Hairstyles, makeup palettes, skins and complete jewelry sets.

A Marco Quest that rewards you different hairstyles after completing each stage would be nice and very much welcomed. In addition to this how about one where we receive a complete jewelry ensemble that matches. If not Marco then how about Gloria hosting them as a little quest of her own.

If even that's out of the question then how about a mini shop of sorts that will house these items for purchase for either keys or hearts for a specific amount of time.

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