Updates - App Store Release 05.01.2017


### Updates:

* Reduced game size to 29 MB. Shortened the first install.

* Performance improvements

* Added new idle animation.

* Added new sounds.

* Changed in game icon.

* Added celebrity unlock animation.

* Added tween to send all gift button.

* Added animation to the open button and the mystery box if mystery box is available.

* Gave one free chest when mystery box is activated.

* Optimized thumbnails.

* Removed the pop up that asks for permission to download extra content.

* Changed the social icon at friend's house.

* Prolonged the duration of the Princess Bedroom mystery box.

* Added notifications for when mystery box is available and when a skill item is ready.

* Added celebrity unlock pop up.

* Added skill item bar changes.


### Bugfix:

* Fixed some issues during the initialization process.

* Fixed the issue with the leave the game pop up showing up in front of the tutorial and making the game unresponsive.

* Fixed the issue where in some languages things that Pockies said would look small.

* Fixed the issue with data loss in some situations.