Updates - Google Play Store Release 11.01.2017

Version 11.4 (11.01.2017)



### Updates:

* Added colouring option to most of the clothes and body parts.

* Added new skin colours.

* Improved item use experience for both skill items and need items.

* Fastened character's walking and running speed.

* Changed the preloader.

* Changed the screen changing image.

* Added an animation to the mystery box if a free one is available on the main screen.

* Made glasses transparent again.

* Optimized atlasses.

* Changed the game icon.

* Added energy refill after level up.

* Added an animation to new room unlock.

* Made characters of only a certain House Value available in the town center.


### Bugfix:

* Fixed the issue which caused a number to stay on the achievement tab as if the achievement isn't claimed yet, even though it is.

* Fixed the issue where the extra infos on the skills pop up showed the wrong info.

* Fixed the issue where some parts of the tutorial pop ups would look off screen in certain languages.