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Brainstorm Fridays

Hi....after FashClub results today, a few members and I were chatting back and forth about alot of ideas that we thought would be nice to be incorporated into FashLand....we were all bouncing one off anothers ideas tonight and we really have some good ideas!!! I see that you need to have all suggestions catergorized, but what we talked about is ALOT of one thing I thought might work, if possible, would be during say a 2-hr window, for people to come in and brainstorm ideas in a certain 'chat room' that you make available and during this session, you have the whole discussion and all the ideas we were talking about and can then, when you have the time, read the transcripts and take note of the ideas we came up with....we had so many neat ones, too!!! Especially, since Valentines Day is coming up, we thought of maybe a nightgown (nice gown) with box of chocolates, high heels, etc. for one and a nice outfit for the other (one for the reg FC and one for the Bingo/Slot)...this is the thing that I am talking about...a chatroom that we can congregate say once a week, that will be transcripted for you to read or even a moderator to come in the room during the alotted time....there are 6 other people and myself that were coming up with REALLY GOOD ideas tonight and I'm sure that there are many more out there....another thing is, please make your diamonds more available!!!! PLEASE!!! When you level up, I think you should at least get 5 diamonds or so....but, let me know what you think about the suggestion I made above....thank you for taking the time to read this...we LOVE FashLand <3

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A big yes to the diamonds thing. Just having them accessible only through tiara upgrades is a bit annoying especially for the amount that's awarded. This chat session could possibly take place here on the forums or through one of their twitter pages.

One of things I would like to see changed is the way FashCup is set up. We have themes but they aren't adhered to majority of the time and you can't get creative because you'll be punished for it rather than rewarded. Maybe they could remove the key earning feature OR add a line of clothing that will produce keys once delivered.


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