Updates - Google Play Store Release 25.01.2017

### Updates:

* Added new colour options for some clothes.

* "Pockie is busy" now comes up less.

* Changed notification icons.

* Added animation loop to friend at visit.

* Now more recent players are shown in Town Center.

* Added push notification upon gift sending.

* Changed the balance of the first few quests a little.

* Added new quests between level 7-20.

* Added new translations to the existing languages.


### Bugfix:

* Fixed wrong colour thumbnails.

* Fixed the issue where the character's changed colour would go back one the game is restarted.

* Fixed the issue where an item bought from the dress up is changed in the wardrobe to something else and the character goes home, that part goes missing. : Colour, Customset, shoes, eyebrows, moustache, lips, eye glasses and hat.

* Fixed the issue where a pop up containing the character comes up while the character has a bubble above its head, the character would go missing.

* Fixd the issue where the colour palette wouldn't show up on an already chosen item the second time it is chosen.