Updates - Google Play Store Release 02.02.2017

Version 12.1 (02.02.2017) Google Play Store


### Updates:

- Pop ups can appear when Pockie is going towards another object.

- Closed the Featured tab for skill items on the shop.

- Changed the community center friend limit reached pop up.

- Removed the mystery box icon at friend's house.

- Language names are now written in their own languages on Settings pop up.

- Sent 2 quests that were previously buggy and were kept passive.

- Minimized the extra data that are sent with logs.



### Bugfix:

- Fixed the issues with the game's loading.

- Fixed the issue where coin indicator would stay on top of the item after speeding up the cooldown.

- Fixed the issue where the character would return to the room whilst still in decoration mode in Making Space quest, after moving an object and then sending another object to inventory, while stil staying in the decoration mode.

- Fixed the issue where the camera would stay on Pockie even when moved elsewhere when Pockie's need is in critical state and another need item is tried to be used.

- Fixed broken show me's.

- Fixed the issue where the rug would cover some parts of some items when put on it.

- Fixed the RelationshipType parameter which turned out in English in every language in quest tasks.

- Fixed the issue with quest givers animations not looping.

- Fixed the issue with piano texture and locator.

- Fixed the issue with gift notification being in the sender's language to the receiver's device language.

- Fixed the issue with the LogManager sending duplicated logs.