Updates - App Store Release 16.02.2017


Version 12.3 218 (17.02.2017) (App Store)


### Updates:

* Visual changes on the Energy bar.

* Changed the start of the eating animation.

* If the item is not built yet, the show me of the Use X Item task goes to the item if it is in the room.

* Added an arrow on the house plan if the next room is available.

* Added sound for the android notification.

* Added the prices of the items on the pop up that comes up when the player has unpurchased items and wants to go back to the room.

* Now the character uses a need item when tapped on the need icons.

* Added an indicator on top of the not-yet-built DIY items that are ready to be build.

* Changed the translations of the skill bars and need bars.

* Now the screens that comes up after a mini game is over can be skipped with each tap.

* Added notification when someone visits you.

* Added sending a gift when someone visits you.

* Removed the idle sounds of the classic guitar and painting animations.


### Bugfix:

* Fixed the issue of continuing playing without internet connection while using an item.

* Fixed the issue with tooltip not coming up for the energy bar in some cases.

* Fixed the issue where the accept button on the decoration mode ribbon is active even when items are on top of each other.

* Fixed the issue with the indicators leading to Catch the Note at all times.

* Fixed the issues during the initial download and loading phase.

* Fixed the issues with the DIY requirements looking small.

* Fixed the issue with the coin icon on the halfway level up pop up.

* Fixed the issue where in some cases social butterfly achievement would come as complete in the beginning of the game. The game would count the Mayor and the celebrities as friends.

* Fixed the issue where in some devices when the game is uninstalled and re installed the game wouldn't start without clearing data.

* Fixed the issue where the game doesn't restart itself after Facebook merge.