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Quests for ML Cash

I think a lot of players would like to be able to earn a little extra ML cash by completing extra quests.

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i did a quset  i compleated a dress quest

i was supose to receve apleated dressstand   i did not receve one  i lost market land cash i had 20.00 in marketland cash  lost cashregesters

I love doing quests, but the higher your level, the less quests there are to do.  For me it gets a little boring with no/only 1 quest.  MORE QUESTS PLEASE

I agree with the first poster. It would be so helpful to complete tasks to earn ML cash.

A quest is always fun. I dont play fast, have alot of quests for new displays to do, cause i play with patience, unlimited quests can wait to i have the wares to run the demanded campaign etc.

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