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Idea for style categories

one of the biggest complaints I hear, is how some outfits won't work for certain themes even though they should, and how some outfits that shouldn't win, do.  The reason for this is most players are obsessed with the idea that only certain styles work for certain themes.

I know this would be a major change and I don't know how it would be implemented, but rather than style categories, separate things like a department store.  Outerwear, swimsuits, formal.. Obviously some styles like sport swear and casual would mostly stay, except for the swimsuits and coats, etc.

Anyway thanks for looking!

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I really like this idea and it's currently in place for the game app Fash Cup. It is pretty late in the game for a change of this nature and it might result in players losing the outfits they currently have; sounds far fetched but you never know.

I can't see anything being lost, just re-arranged.  I don't really see it happening either, tbh, it would take a lot of work.  But it would make fashcups  so much better.  I hate that you can't wear certain swim suits  to certain themes because they are in the wrong 'style'  and so on.

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