Updates - App Store Release 13.03.2017

Version 12.4 226 (13.03.2017) (App Store)


### Updates:

* Added 5 new animations.

* Added A/B testing for needs. One group's needs won't get lower when not using any items.

* Changed friends pop up.

* Changed the game and notification icons.

* Animations are cut when tapped on something else.

* Shortened the relation animations and fixed the sounds to fit.

* Added animations to character's at the Town Center.

* Added new items to bathroom.

* Updated NGUI

* Improved performance of the Town Center.

* Animations only play when Use button is used. Before tapping the use button, the character can engage in other activities and the screen can be scrolled.

* Added checkmark for the new room that is ready to be opened.

* Wrote the room name on the room unlock pop up.

* Added the drops of the first 3 DIY items in the inventory at the beginning of the game.

* Visual changes on the relationship bars at visit.

* Changed the animation that comes up when collecting drops.

* Changed the need bar full effect on the need bar.

* Removed the character thought bubble/indicators.



### Bugfix:

* Fixed the issue with the clothing items sticking on the character when levelled up at the Dress Up screen.

* Fixed the issue with the shoes going missing after new content download.

* Fixed the issue with some parts of the exit popup going off screen.

* Fixed the issue with Map and Social buttons being active while Decor menu is open.

* Fixed the issue with thought bubbles showing when in decoration mode.

* Fixed the show me issue with Earn [X] coin from [Y] minigame task.

* Fixed the issue with character sticking up with dress up items that are removed from the closet, after returning to the game.

* Fixed the issue with the game going wild when added more than 9 wallpaper or floortile.

* Fixed a visual show me issue with the skill items.

* Fixed the issue with the game freezing when the level up pop up that comes up after level up is followed.

* Fixed the issue with indicators occasinally showing on top up pop ups.

* Fixed the issue with the basketball game looking half black.


### Known Issues:

* Facebook connection is sometimes falls into the reconnect state.