Updates - Google Play Store Release 13.03.2017

Version 12.5 234 (13.03.2017)


### Updates:

* Changed camera angle.

* Added 2 new quests.

* Deleted all item repair quests and added new ones. This task is not used anymore.

* Added an arrow on spin when available.

* Surprise items are not available in the first level.

* Simplified settings pop up.

* Added pins to UI and friends pop up when the character is at someone else's house.

* Changed the colour of the already done items on the room unlock pop up to green.

* New quests are now shown with an arrow. Also changed the colour of the New and Progress ribbons.

* Added hands on the Use buttons for the first skill and need item.


### Bugfix:

* Fixed the loading issues.

* Fixed the issue with the Buy X Item task when at a friend's house.

* Fixed the issue with the Craft X Item task's show me not opening the crafting menu.

* Fixed the tree coming from underneath the house pop up.

* Fixed the issue with the gift pop up looking empty after receiving a visit gift.

* Fixed the issue with when the need increase tutorial is active the need icons would still move the character.

* Fixed the issue with the visit animations freezing upon visit.