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Functionality issue on ipad

I started to play this game on my phone and noticed the app had an option for us to be able to continue the game on other devices. Hence downloaded the app on my iPad but it doesn't seem to doesn't show the settings icon or any of the icons on the game other than the cafe itself. Please develop the app for iPad usage too Thank you

Can we get some kind of answer as to when and if the iPad issues will be fixed?
I have the same issue on my iPhone. It says update to play when I try to link my restaurant (I was using android before). I uninstalled the game and installed it again to see if that would work. It would not.

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And also there are no updates for it in the app store
It installs on my iPad but won't let me play. Reads: Game needs update in app store". Then it redirects me to app store and that's where it stays.
Where is the update for ipad
Just downloaded the game in my iPhone 7 and it says that I need to update the game. I've been trying for 2 weeks and there is still no update that needs to be done. Please resolve. It's apparent that I'm not the only 1 this is happening to. Game works just fine on my android tablet. Thank you.
Did you play first the new installed? Do cooking first then served it then the options will appeared.
Just got an iPhone and it says I need to update to play my previous game I played on my android phone. There is no update available

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