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Logging in issues

Anyone else having problems logging in? I have an iPhone 5. Got a message to update the game and been having issues logging in since. Also on the computer game too

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I do not play this on my phone...only on FB....  have for over 3 years now...  all of a sudden I can not get in my brings me to some google page showing several games...  I just want in my cafe...  Please help me...I am in the high 400 levels...  Heck I may be higher...  This is the 2nd day....  

cant get into my cafe 

why cant i get into my cafe 

Logging in issue just prompting connecting to google play games for several times for two consecutive days now
I cant get in to my cafe. Getting kicked out all the time. Been like this almost all day.
I cant open my games to mu device

my game wont load at all. what do i do?

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