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Stop wasting or ML cash

Can you add a fail safe to the game so we do not waste our ML cash durring quests?


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This is a great idea!  I see many friends who accidentally click the wrong bubble, or something goes awry with their connection.  

Please add the suggested fail safe.

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yes please i have done this personally and it takes time to gain them back

I would like to see Gamegos/Marketland make extra money by selling a limited number of exclusive merchandise like how they used to rather than than by just taking the players' cash if they accidentally press the "finish" button. For example, the Zen fountains were for sale several years ago, and there were only about 8000 of them. We could watch the number go down as players from around the world bought them. That way everyone is happy: Gamegos gets to make extra money, and the players get to have something they like in their stores.

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