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Unable to load game since 1 August 2017

I want to report a bug. I've played up to Level 86. Unfortunately the app has been unable to load since 1 August 2017. It loads up to 100% and gets stuck there without opening the game. I've already tried deleting and then reinstalling the app but it doesn't work. I see others have reported the same loading issue for Android --- but I am playing on IOS. Please fix this ASAP!

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Same here. I'm on iOS as well. iPhone 7plus. And mine won't load.
Did yours ever begin to work again?
No, it hasn't. :(

on my cell phone and do not try again

Same problem came goes to 90% then freezes. Haven’t been able to open in at least 2 weeks. Can you please fix it soon. I am loading on iPad and iPhone and at level 143. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on this game I don’t want to start over. Please help ASAP. I have written to you with this complaint but I always get an answer not related to my question, then you close the ticket even though I reply back to you
Game will not load at all. Please fix Asap

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i have the same problem in the recent update... i don't know what to do.. help been a week

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I have a same problem. I played the game for 3 months. and suddenly I can not run anymore. what's the problem?!

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What you want to do is restart you phone totally. Try that it worked for me!

why will it not play on a lap top?

did any one get Cafeland bace?

To play on a lap to you need to download BlueStacks

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