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tournament prize bug?

Recent tournament's just ended and everyone in my club (Hell's Kitchen) is in a celebratory mood because we placed 1st place in our league. But sadly, it seems that my members have not been able to get their prize. As club leader, I feel guilty because I feel that I've let them down especially since I was able to receive my prize (orange vouchers + 25CL + 4 LS tokens) and our club would not have won this tourney if not for the collective effort of all members. We're hoping that this issue will be fixed and the prizes will be distributed accordingly as soon as possible. Please, please, please fix this!!!!

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Our club did not get the tournament prizes for first place. Can this be remedied?
Everyone in my club Midnight Munchies did Not get any rewards and we were #1 league 1. Why didn’t we get any rewards? We worked hard for them n deserve the rewards.

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like everyone else we did not receive tournament prize. 

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Prizes can be redeemed if all of your club members are online when the tournament ended , we won first place too last tine but i havent get a chance to online when its ended and i didnt get the price
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