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After installing update today, I can't play for more than 5 minutes before getting booted off

Is anyone else who accesses Cafeland via their Android cellphone having trouble remaining logged into the game after installing the most recent update? I installed it today & can't stay on more than 5 minutes (max); it is so frustrating; really sucks! And I can't find any option to uninstall the update. Grrrrr....

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Non mi fa fare l aggiornamento...
Game still not loading after latest update :(
I updated my game today and I can not access it. Does not enter. Click on the icon the screen turns black and returns to inicial screen
Have done updates as requested but can not load the game on my iPad which is frustrating... I am able to load it on my iPhone but too small to play on there... could you please help with these issues..
I also can’t get in after the update.

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I don't have an Android but I cannot even get in after installing updates
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