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Quest/buy door, wall art...

I went to buy a door accidentally sold mine in the processes. the game said I can't buy one because I have reached my limit- I can't get out of decorator mode... there is no way for my customers to come in... 

I was also wondering if there was a way to play with a friend I know someone who plays but I can't seem to search for specific friends... basically I'm playing with strangers...


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I just joined today so I'm just seeing this..did you get it fixed? Because that sounds bad idk:/!! I am also dissatisfied there is no way to send messages to other players to make friends with them either u know? GL:)

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Hi, do you have any solution for this problem? I have the same situation, and I don't know what to do.

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I think the only way to search is for teams for the tournaments so maybe if one of u starts a tournament team of your own u can meet up there ..? Search that way! I wish there was mailboxes for private messages along with gifts! Anggierangel I am trying to think of something. If you could reach the seasonal decor and if there is a door for sale there maybe so far all I can think of the seasonal decor is listed at the top above the rest of the panel for decor u click on it to see it changes weekly
Hi I had the same issue where I was upgrading my cafe and I thought if I sold my door my max limit would be reset and I could buy a door because I don't have one. But now I can't buy one or replace the door that I had. What do I do. I posted a picture of the message I when I login. And what my screen looks like where I should be able to purchased a door. Please help I like this game and don't want to delete it.
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