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A few ideas to consider...

Hi! I've only been playing for a few days, but I love these kinds of games. Just to note, I play on an android device(galaxy note 8). 1. I wish to use my stylus. My fingers block the items I want to place in my room, so it's a little hard to place things evenly or symmetricaly such as wall lamps. 2. You should add in a world chat, local chat, private chat, chat rooms, etc. This would make it easier for the community to grow and nuture itself without the developers, and you can even appoint normal players to be moderators which promotes 'good' behavior if that's an issue. 3. I am not a facebook user, I actually use a private account just for app games so I technically have no friends. It would be nice to be able to add friends on facebook through the this game. 4. Why can't I see the other pockie's levels? You can in town, but not in your friend roster or when you visit them. 5. Screen rotation is locked. I have a phone case that allows my phone to stand on it's own but your game is locked in the wrong direction! 6. Everyone says it, more mini games. You already allow us to find gems around the house or get them through ads, so I think a mini game(with limited daily plays) that awards gems would be nice. Also, why is there no game to grow the logic skill? 7. I hate that when other pockies visit me, add me, or send me gifts, their names disappear after I tap the reward. You should allow a history so I can go back and add those who added me, etc 8. Have a link in the settings menu to this forum, I had to come and manually find this place. Also, open up a sub-reddit page if you haven't already! And add that link to the settings tab as well. 9. Have the options to choose what notifications will pop up 10. Get a notification whenever you recieve a message. 11. I'm not sure what the farm is going to be like, but I hope it's actually like a farm simulation that allows us to make money or gems faster. 12. I noticed there's a beach on the map, this would be a great location for a sub-mini game, such as picking up litter(like how we pick up trash at home; this would be nice for the town square, too). Maybe we can find a piece of furniture occasionally, you can even have a furniture set that you can only obtain through trast pick up i.e. junkyard, beach or rebel set. 13. As I stated before, I have no friends to invite to begin with so I'm not sure if there's a reward for inviting friends, but do that. 14. Show a male/female symbol next to Pockie's names. 15. Allow higher gold or exp rewards when you have a high relationship with celebrities or other pockies. 16. Items that move for the household. A good example is a mobile vacuum cleaner that will automatically pick up trash in the room it's in, gems too if you'd like. Pets, such as goldfish or aquariums. 17. Ceiling items, such as fans. 18. New character item ideas: tails, wings, auras. Mini pets, like a pet bee, fly, dragonfly, butterfly, lizards etc. 19. Allow us to set a personalized greeting so when visting pockies come to your house, they'll see it. It gives you an idea of who they are, if they're active etc. You should also have this option for when wandering around town. 20. Show when your friends last logged in or if they're online. I think that's everything I've noted while playing in these last two days. I understand that you want to keep the file small and simple so that you can get more players, but you won't keepeany of those players if the game is too simple. It's facebook based, so why isn't this game more social? Anyway, thanks again for the great game! (: I hope to see some if not all of ideas incorporated! I may come back to post more ideas. -Odd Aud

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When I was writing that first post, I made sure to put space between each number, it's quite silly that your forum removed them and now my post looks unorganized!
21. there's a limit to how many gifts you can accept per day? Whyyy? O_O
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