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New Levels Soon Please?

Howdy! I'm totally addicted to this game and have completed all 860 levels so far!  I have run out of new ones...and going back to upgrade other levels right now.  Any idea when the new levels might come out?  Also...I've had several friends sending me lifes/2x cards..but they are not in my mail once I get into the game!  :'( 

Thanks for a great game! :-D

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When are the new levels coming!!! Youve been saying that for almost a year!

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Please get us some new levels!!  :D

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me too waiting with baited breath for new levels this is boring come on bring them on

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I am really disappointed in this game.  It was one of my faves....but with the lack of new's disheartening!! 

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and i can not pass level 360 what do I do to get on, I only have 3 friends, are there anybody there will be my friend :-)

They will never have new levels. I went to the end and i spent years waiting. Deleted game.

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I am sorry to hear that, maybe I should do the same as you

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I've reached level 860 also. I just wanna know if and when the levels will continue. I really love this game and really hope it can continue.

Maybe we to be a little patience :-) Gina I've reached level 460 - and I love this game too

I've reached level 1000 (Solitaire Legend); any idea how many levels there are now?

I've reached level 1160, just passing time now

Is anyone else having a problem getting their purchases? I have made several purchases... is this game not working anymore?

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