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Happy Friday is looking for new members for new club

I have been part of two clubs so far. The first one had many inactive players so some of us left to start a new club. Then as we were trying to build the club people starting leaving. Very frustrating! So now I have started a club where I would like to invite people to come and join that want to participate in the tournaments and who use the chat to help each other. If you are and active player, please come and join the club. Thanks! .

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The only way I know to find a club is to seach in the Cafe Club tab. If you are not a member of a club you can tupe in a name of a club and results should show up. It is not the most user friendly system. I have asked them to create the ability to invite people but there really is very little communication in this game.
How do u the same people to join ur club?ive been searching for my fiance club for a week it wont show.
Can someone tell me how to opt out of a club and join another
You go to the Cafe Club Tab then “Members”. Click on the Leave button next to your name to opt out of a club. Once you are no longer a member you can search for a new one to join. Hope this helps!
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