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Untrimmed grass floors - Bring back the spiky edges to them grass

Hi there!

I would like to make an appeal to the Developers' team to make the untrimmed grass floors have their spiky edges back when contrasted (side-by-side) with the walls of our cafe.

If I'm not making much sense (English is not my mother language), please take a look at the pictures below & notice the red circles I made highlighting where the grass floors look flat with no spiky edges when applied side-by-side with my cafe walls:

Example 01:


Example 02:


Discovering that the grass floors no longer have those spiky edges (which makes them look more like realistic grass) when used near the walls of my cafe -- really  puts down my initial boost of eagerness to ace this game and decorate my cafe as lovely as I possibly can :- (

Therefore, I really do hope you will make some changes and give the grass floors its beauty & appeal as a mother nature decoration once again -- by having those spiky edges to them shown when contrasted with our cafe walls.

Best regards,

Lady Chef of :sparkles:Rokutousei Cafe:sparkles:

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