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Need Members!!!

 We have 10 openings to our club. We do the weekend tournament every weekend. Please help us. Our club name is Dawgs eatery. The club will be open during the week but will close when the tournament starts. Will reopen again on Monday Morning. Thank you in advance.

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Hi. I joined the game recently and love it. I tried out my first tournament with a club but they were not very active. I am competitive in a friendly way and would love to be part of a club that wins, as I do a lot to help. Your team was top of the leagues that were playing and I would like to join if you have an opening. Thanks! DeAnna 

Yes we do come join us. Dawgs eatery.
Just come and join Cafe Bowl, y'all! We are on level 5!
Come on and join us at cafe name ^Caribbean Pearl^ and then search for my league tournament name. It’s Tiki Hut R&R Café . We really need as much active players as possible. We also are in level 3 at the tournament at the moment, but looking forward to reach level 2 and so on. So, join us and we will help each other indeed. We appreciate it sincerely. Here I am leaving an attachment of my cafe world kitchen picture. Thank you in advance.
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