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game reset

My game went from level 180 to level 2.  How can I get it restored to level 180?

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Hoje atualizou o jogo e eu estava no nível 101 e agora voltou ao princípio. Que posso fazer agora?
Me too!
Same problem
I lost my level 172 game when ‘switching’ I wasn’t sure what I was doing but all I can get into now is a brand new level 1 cafe. Finding a new game I guess

Please tell me how can I restore my cafe land ? i reset my cellphone now it is asking me to play from Level 1, but I was on Level 30 before resetting my cellphone. Please tell me how can i restore my game :( 

I was up to level 49 was asked to update there was a problem doing this suggests reinstall which was done but it has now took me back level 1 lost everything and spent money on the game,how can I get it back?

Hi guys, 

I also had the same problem when I was starting to play this game.

Learned my lesson the hard way. So I made a short illustration as a tutorial on how to save your current game and how to retrieve it. Hope this helps.


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