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Issues crafting sauces on tournament

We are able to craft a max of 14 sauces but the task on tournament is 15. We have only 25 minutes to collect drops to craft one more sauce. After you collect 20 drops it stops collecting so after you craft 14 sauces you have to try to rush and get drops for one more sauce. How can this be accomplished??

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I had 20 sauces in 20 minutes, is impossible!! Please Gamegos fix it! Or you low the number of sauces (max 14) or you increase the time (like hours) or you go back to 2 ingredients per tipe.
I have the same problem with my club Cafe Bowl. My suggestion to my members in the communications tab was to try this first thing when turning on for the day. Make sauces that they can and THEN refill vending machines, check mail, put on food to cook and use speed sauces or even try visiting a couple of neighbors to collect drops. It is the only advice I have until the problem is (hopefully) fixed. Cafe Bowl is an open club accepting new members.
Alright, I tried this and failed. I had every machine or fun item to be refilled, food on the stove that I had to complete with sauce and waited for customers to come in and have tips standing to be collected, attitudes to be checked and sweeeping to be done. I started the challenge, made my sauces and began to frantically fix everything. In the end, I even visited 4 neighbors for drops. The closest I got was 3 salt shakers from being able to create sauce #15. So, now they can't say that you could have done it if you tried. Cafeland, you really need to stop asking me if I want to rate your game.
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