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Cafe Bowl is an open club accepting new members

You don't join a bowling league just to show off your shoes or balls; or to get free nachos. Cafe Bowl is a Cafeland cafe club that follows that same premise. We are accepting members who wish to compete to win and share the tournament rewards. We use the communications tab to help one another, lend advice and chat. Come join us. Let's have fun and win! Be aware that after each weekend tournament, called "seasons", has begun; you will not be able to receive rewards unless you have joined before the "season" began; but, by competing you can help the club advance to the next level with better rewards.

We are now on level 5! Join before the weekend to share this levels rewards. Help us get to level 4 for GOLD rewards! Search for Cafe Bowl in the Cafe Clubs tab and join us to have fun and win.
We are now on level 6 again mostly because we were only capable of scoring 10,965 points this week after completing all challenges. The team in next to last place scored 16,000. They do not balance out the clubs. We only have two members but we were obviously competing with teams that had many more. They should consider how many members each team has and place those with the same number of members in the same group. I'm sure we are not the only team with two members; but, obviously we need more. Otherwise we could ace every challenge and still lose.
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