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Hello. I'm writing about you because something is going on wrong and I'm so stressful. I was playing Cafeland for years in my computer and then I just bored so I didn't continue to play this game. Today, I have just remembered Cafeland and I want to play on Iphone so I loaded to my phone and connected with Facebook. By the way when I was playing Cafeland from computer I was 41 level. Then I loaded to my Iphone, connected to Facebook and I was still 1 level, like I am started to play on Iphone two minutes ago I mean like before I connected to Facebook. I want to play Cafeland on Iphone anymore but my progress is gone. Can you correct this wrong? I just want to play Cafeland with my progress on my Iphone. Waiting the correction. Thank you for now.
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I really appreciate the topic which you have been discussed over here. Recently i have been faced issues while i tried to play game on my Macbook then i got Error 0xe8000015 and it was quite frustrating. i was unable to fix them.

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