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Online order mzchine

I purchased the online order machine before the quest. I used money to close the quest after buying another online machine and selling one. The orders did not count to the quest so I again bought out the quest. Now it won't count towards the cafe club quests. Please assist in fixing this issue.

Please remove post. Support ticket opened.
Oi bom dia baniram meu jogo se nem avisar faz mais de anos que jogo e vcs fazem isso brincadeira né quero meu jogo de volta por favor resolvam isso
How did u solve ure problem? I already bought the online order machine. But quest dont regonize it is already bought. Cant sell or place again to get the quest.
Do you notice the online orders increase? Mine do and was wondering why?

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I think its Just part of the game 2 make it harder
Vicki, each time you complete an entire online order for the gift it increases in number of orders.

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Increasing order will lead to stop usage of online order machine.... This increase of targets should have limit....
I agree. Im now at 92 orders. I dont do it anymore. And that's 2 bad. It increase even if u dont have fulfill it al. When time is over, it increase.
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