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Cafe Inc. Is looking for new active members

My previous club had so many inactive players (including the leader), that we could no longer win tournaments. I left to formed my own club, today.. Cafe Inc. All members expected to get 1000 pts minimum per tournament. Veteran & Moderator positions earned through participation & helping. If you are looking for a fresh start, please join my club. Thank you for your consideration. Café Blake

Do you know why the online orders keep raising the number of orders we have to try to complete? Mine is up to 41!!!!
It's the way they have it programmed. Every time we complete all of the online orders, it will go up. Mine have been going up by one. Do you have a club? I know we only have 2 people but we're currently league 10, & we are #2 so we should get the rewards.
I’m not sure how the clubs work and I work M-F 8:30-5:00. I couldn’t do anything except weekends and after 6:30 M-F.
Vicki, the tournaments normally last several days and and your schedule wouldn't be a an issue. The tasks range is difficulty depending on your lvl and just need to be completed during the allotted time frame. . I'm looking for folks willing to do tasks during their normal game play. There are usually easy tasks like giving gifts, cleaning stoves, 4 spins, etc. You are welcome to stop by and give us a try, either way.... thank you for your interest. Have a great day! 
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