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Corrupted data

I was in level 80 plus something then when i woke this morning and download the game for the whole day then when i tried to open it! My level went back from the beginning! Im trying to connect it to the game center but its almost an hour yet still connecting! Nothing happened! Ive been playing it for almost 3 years! Fix this issue immediately!

I also am having an issue after the most recent update. I was having issues scrolling through anything, so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. After I reinstalled, boom, my active game was gone from my Android tablet. Anyone have any thoughts or advice on where I might find my active game?

No voucher pack. Duplicate missions in the club war. Went from 12 to 22 missions! Some duplicates are already completed others aren’t. Im lvl 9 in club war. 12 was perfect amount. I had more when I was in lvl 1 club with other people. I couldnt complete every single one and they kicked me. Started my own. If this isn’t something wrong. I’m quitting. I have a life beyond a phone game!!! Hopefulky, I get a reply...
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