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Game Ideas and Tweeks

Trying to understand why we are only allowed to have 30 friends. Most similar games allow as many as you can handle. As well, Only being able to gift 5 of your neighbors is rediculous. It seems to me, we should be limited to the number of gifts we can recieve, but have the ability to send as many gifts as we have neighbors. If a neighbor has all their allotted gifts for the day, then they simply wouldn’t be able to recieve a gift from you for that day. And why let the bots tip? I think the tips should come from your friends, when they stop by. Limiting the number of friends you’re allowed to have, does not encourage a lot of new player traffic. The game gets boring when you have to rely on random drops from bots or temporary visitors. And let’s talk about communication within the game… Why do we not have our own wall for chat? We only have the ability to chat with others if we join a club. There is no way for people to build great clubs for competitiveness if you can’t chat with other people from other cafes in order to strategize and recruit great friends. Constant tasks? We already have so much to do as it is. Master dishes, send deliveries, (both truck and on line) tournament tasks, throw parties, and cook food for celebrities. The game is entirely too busy. I feel like the tournaments should yield some kind of Cafe Decoration rather then more vouchers, tokens, sauces, etc… Decorating 臘‍♀️ there’s another problem. Everything is soooo expensive and the only way to get real interesting decorations are thru spins. What?! I’ve been spinning till I’m dizzy and “rare” is on point when it comes to describing how often you might land a decoration peice. 廊 I think decoration should be available to buy with either coins or cash, at ANY TIME! My oh my! …… I could go on and on about the things that would improve the game for the players while garnering more profit for the developers, but suggestions are usually ignored by most developers, so I’ll not spend anymore of my time on this. Just wanted to get it off my chest. 路‍♀️ Let’s spend some time on the whole decoration aspect though... Tables, chairs, lamps, dividers, and wall deco are but a small portion of what could be designed for the cafe. Let’s talk about REAL decoration ideas that let your imagination run wild and give players incentive to “spend real money” on the game. How about a garden cafe with shrubbery scenes such as birds in trees or bees on flowers. Or maybe a whole rain Forrest scene. I once saw a restaurant like that. They had tanks with exotic fish and it was like you were walking thru a rain Forrest. Maybe a beach resort cafe with beach floors and wall paper that has a beach front scene. There could be seagull and crab decorations, along with a lifeguard tower and people in bathing suits. Or we could do a park scene with dogs mid air catching a frisbee and picnic baskets full of food. Maybe children playing tag and kids on a playground. We could do Pirates on the ocean or maybe a Tea party scene with flowery tables and chairs. A Tea Hutch and maybe a tea lamp. There could be people sitting around a table having tea. So as you can see, I’ve got tons of ideas. If pictures would help, I’m sure I could find some. By the way, some winter tables, any color, (Red, Pink, Blue) but with ice flakes all over them, would be so nice!

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