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Aroma Café is looking for active members/Buscando miembros activos

Hello everyone, Aroma Café is looking for active members
Come and join us!!

Hola a todos, Aroma Café esta buscando miembros activos

Únete a nosotros!! 

Come faccio a recuperare il gioco ero a livello clicco il gioco mi esce il messaggio arresto forzato.ho provato a disinstallarlo r attivarlo ma non cambia nulla
Ciao, no parlo italiano. I had the same issue i wrote yo the support team. In the screen it says report?. The support team told me to click there, i wrote what was happening. I don't know if is related but a day after a new uptade was ready, i click and now the game is working again. I hope that works for you.
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