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Quest to Collect Mastery Hats isn't going up know how there are little quests you can do to progress, like get experience and money and all that? Well...I have this one that says collect 3 mastery hates, meaning I have to master 3 dishes. The thing's not going up, despite me having mastered several dishes since I got it. I really don't feel like expending 200 cafe bucks to skip it, so can anyone tell me why it's doing this, or if I'm doing it wrong or something?

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I am having the exact same problem. I have mastered at least 6 dishes and didn't receive credit or the usual $1 in cash. Why don't they fix this?
Me neither. And I paid 200 café bucks to skip it and the next mission is more of the same!
This is exactly why I'm here. Same exact issues. Not recieving my monetary reward. Definitely not spending 200 just to skip. So unfair for all that hard work.
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