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Café Club Competition is unbalanced

Clubs are not evenly matched for the tournament. I have a club with 10 members and we have discovered that club size is not taken into account when 8 clubs are joined together for the weekly match. The scores of every member are added up to achieve the total score. For instance, if all 10 players in my club earns 10,000 points we will earn a grand total of 100,000. But a team of 20 will be able to get 200,000. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to earn enough points to advance. These tournaments need to be programmed so that 10 person teams are playing against other 10 person teams or scores need to be tallied differently, like the score being the average of all the players on that team. Please, we have lost players in our club and have even had a couple leave the game entirely. YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS! It is the only thing that keeps higher level players in the game
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